Keeping motors from stalling during hang

My team is planning on building a robot with a 6-bar lift to carry stars, and to also use that 6-bar to high hang the robot. Once we hang, how do we keep the motors from stalling as they keep the robot up? We can’t think of any locks that wouldn’t impede on the robot’s ability to lift stars.

You’ll need some sort of lock anyway, as the robot must remain hanging when the power is cut at the end of the match.

What sort of lock would you use?

This is a simple mechanical lock

There are some ways to keep your robot up if you want the 6 bar to be able to move up and down freely:

  1. Pneumatic lock
  2. Motors that can activate the 12 tooth pawl shown by
  1. You can have enough torque where the robot can stay up no matter what
  2. You can have rubber bands to keep the robot from falling down
    Hopefully this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

How does the 12 tooth pawl from the video lock the lift? Does it have to use motors or pneumatics?

Most probably could be easily done by one motor being used. Basically the mechanism wouldn’t be gravity-powered, the motor will keep the mechanism vertical. Then when it’s time to lock, the motor could apply little force downward until it reaches the 82 tooth gear(Or how many teeth) so while lifting, the robot won’t fall…

What would the motor be powering?

The pawl, sorry I needed to be more specific.
Like it would apply like 1/3 to 1/2 force downward whenever a button is pressed right before its’ time to hang… This is only if they have another spare motor that they aren’t using. It’s just a thought :slight_smile: