Kent Denver Robotics 3946

Kent Denver Robotics is sending three teams to worlds! 3946E is in Engineering, 3946R is in Opportunity, and 3946W is in Arts. As a club, this is our seventh consecutive world championship. In 2012 (Gateway) we won the overall high school design award at the World Championship. Two years later (Toss Up), we did it again! In 2015 (Skyrise), with overall design no longer being offered, we won both a Highschool and Middle School divisional design award. In 2016 (Nothing But Net), we won the build award. Last year (Starstruck), we won the create award. This year at the Colorado State Championship, both 3946E and 3946R won the tournament!

3946W’s reveal will be posted 4/20 and E’s will be posted 4/21.

Here is the reveal for 3946R! See you at Worlds!

3946R In The Zone Reveal

Reserved for W. Coming 4/20

Reserved for E. Coming 4/21

Mind if I stop by and check out your robots today?

Here’s our reveal!

@Lennon Headlee What are those gears between your lift towers for?

@PhillipSmith They act as a high strength shaft coupler. We run those high strength shafts across the back to create a mechanical linkage between the left and right sides. This helps us balance the lift to make stacking smoother. Since the high strength shafts have to stretch a 17.5" distance, we couple two cut shafts using those gears.