keps driving me nuts

can vex come up with an alternative to the keps nuts/screws set in the future. I’ve had a hard time fastening some of them while building my squarebot:some parts of the chassis are narrow. leaving u almost no room to place and rotate the nuts around the screws, truly an exercise of dexterity and agility!!

Instead of rotating the nuts around the screws… why not hold the nuts in place with a finger and rotate the screws? Once you get to a certain point, the built in lock-washer will make it so you barely even have to hold the nut to tigthen it.

yea the above post is what i normally do, another thing that i like to use is i have a 5" long tweezer, coat the tips with that tennis racket handle grip material, then grab the nut and put it in the plate, then rotate the screw, works every time :smiley:

Also, if you really don’t like the keps nuts you can always use the nylon lock nuts. I personally find that they aren’t worth the hassle of the wrench and all unless they’re on a piece with a lot of vibration that would loosen a keps nut.

I use an electric screwdriver with a small Allen Wrench tip to fasten the Vex screws. I also use a hex socket tip for the nuts, which speeds up construction. When doing so wear safety goggles and gloves and make sure a low torque setting is used on the electric screwdriver so that the nuts and bolts are not stripped. Also make sure to firmly grip the parts you are assembling so that they are not flung at you or someone nearby, causing injury.

And don’t forget to not put a cup of hot coffee between your legs while you are driving else you will burn your privates! :slight_smile:

While you are building your robot if you think ahead and try to attach any screws/pieces/mechanisms that would eventually be hard to reach first, then you can save yourself a lot of hassle. This is one of those things to building good robots: How easy is it to build/maintain/repair? You don’t want to have a robot in which you have to disassemble the entire drivetrain just to tighten the screws on the motor. :wink:

P.S. Loctite is your friend. :smiley: