The Vex guidebook is somewhat vague on materials list, our team had a question regarding the use of Kevlar string over the normal Vex rope.:robot::robot::robot:

R5 States:

Robots may be built ONLY using official VEX EDR components, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.

R7 States:

Robots are allowed the following additional non-VEX components:
e. An unlimited amount of 1/8 (or local metric equivalent), braided, nylon rope

Therefore, the kevlar rope is not allowed. I encourage you to re-read the manual for further clarification on what materials you are and are not allowed to use.


Furthurmore over the game manual you should also read carefully Appendix B about the skills challenge of the game.

thank you AidenPyle :robot::hamburger:

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What does skills have to do with using kevlar string?


You mentioned the game manual to the creater of the topic, I elaborated by saying that they should also read Appendix B for more detail about the game.

@IanD was asking about the legality of kevlar string, not about the game. Appendix B contains nothing about the constraints of robots; it outlines the skills challenge.


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