Keys to a good design notebook?

I know it’s a bit late in the season, but I was curious as to what differentiates a good design notebook from an average one. We’ve incorporated CAD designs, flow-charts, calculations, our program, and a daily log (w/ pictures) of what we’ve been doing into ours, but I think there’s more we can add to the notebook.

Here are some pictures of our current design notebook (they aren’t the best pictures, but I think they show enough) (Cover) (Sample daily log) (Sample flow chart) (CAD drawings)

[ (Work calendar)

Feel free to comment on what we can change!]( (Work calendar))

looks good so far, i suggest you do a section about code, sensors, wiring … batteries etc … talk about why you did stuff, annotate, evaluate etc …

also … i do it everytime, a cortex wiring map

labelled controller with controls on

past designs/prototypes …

explain what problems you have had, and how you got around them/fixed them

talk about robot strategies … descoring, defensive, offensive, scoring …

size of robot ? —> fit under 15" ?

hope this helps