Kicker Bot

Does anyone think it’s possible to build a kicker bot. So it has a normal base using only a couple motors but then on one side it has a large pendulum that swings down and under the stars, punting them across the field. You could have it constantly swinging but that might cause a lot of issues or you could have it powered by like 8 of the motors and have it pull back and then swing forward like a golf club.

Its probably not the best design, but it’s creative and interesting

Yea, I think it’s possible. I even posted of what someone should do is create one. It would allow easy field clearing and could actually be way faster than some other shooters I’ve heard someone was making.

My tips:
You should make it rubber band powered and swings back by motors operating a slip-gear.
You shall kick the mid-center bottom of the stars to create lift for them.

I think the advantage of this design is that you no longer need to intake the objects, you can simply score them as you reach them. However, the corresponding disadvantage is that this design would make it very difficult to hoard. Unless you make a very complex system of lift, dump, or container of some other sort, I can imagine this as at least a first design.

Well, as I have already purchased a set of stars, I can tell you that the kicker that i believe you are envisioning wouldn’t work because the one legged part couldn’t latch on to it.
I have tried using individual bars to attempt to launch it up by getting under it and launching it like a catapult, but 9/10 times it will hit it wrong and just make it go up like 5cm and spin around.
It may work if you use a fork type of ending to the kicker to get under it, but even then it would likely end up just pushing the star in the wrong direction as it would be difficult to line it up just right at such a high speed.