Kit for matches

Hi everyone I am wondering what things you use to bring screwdriver/wrenches to your matches. I carry a little pack, and put extra batteries, the remote, the license plates, and the screwdrivers. What about you guys!

We just have a cart we load extra batteries, plates, tools, the compressor, water and anything else we will need to do a quick repair without going back to the pits.

It also serves as a good platform to work on the robot on.

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cant forget the robot


We keep a big old Husky Toolbox to carry the robot, a little box full of screws, nuts, axles, and wrenches, and scrap metal (plus pliers and screwdrivers)

if you are using pneumatics, dont forget the compressor

You guys got kits?

I just carry around stuff in the hoodie pocket and have an air compressor