Klann Krab Design. (In Autodesk Inventor)

This design uses the “Klaan” mechanism. Assembled in Autodesk Inventor.

Animated Video

Inventor and STEP files


Actual Built Robot


That is fantastic. Nicely done. How do the leg mechanisms work? I would love to see how that’s setup.

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It’s a very simple mechanism.

Klann Krab Section
Klann Mechanism

It’s not for turning as it only works in a straight line.
I used it in a lesson for my 2nd year students in their Machine Design course.


Another interesting mechanism is the Jensen Linkage. Jensen linkage

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The Strandbeast was a cool IQ version of the Jensen Linkage: Robotic Strandbeast Instructions | HEXBUG


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This is great stuff. I wish I had chosen engineering instead of biochemistry. Mechanical crabs are way more interesting than organic chemistry.

Would this be possible to build in EDR? I think it would be fun to see a big metal crab bot