Knock cubes out of an opponent Robot

Can I knock cubes out of an opponent robot that is just holding them? (They are not scored)

Yes, but be careful
A. that the opponent robot is not in their protected zone
B. That you are not violating any other rules about aggressiveness etc.

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What if the robot is scoring them? (In the NON protected zone)

C. That you are not grasping the cubes (i.e. intaking them), just whacking them.


Just give them a nudge. Again, depends on the ref, but in the non-protected zone, this should be legal.


No… I talked to a ref and they said that the cube is part of an extension of their robot and if you knock cubes out of their robot, it is match affecting. I wish it was legal but no… sadly.


A little bump doesn’t matter.

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Which rule states you can not knock cubes that is in opponent’s possession?

None. While a cube is an extension of a robot you can indeed knock cubes out of a robot. However if you grasp that cube it is considered entanglement and you can be d’qed.
Entanglement - A Robot status. A Robot is Entangled if it has grabbed, hooked, or attached to an
opposing Robot or a Field Element, as per G16.
g12 part d
Game elements in possession of a Robot are an extension of that Robot. Therefore,
Entanglement (e.g., grasping, hooking, attaching) with Cubes that are in the possession of an
opposing Robot is a violation of this rule.


Ok. I guess the referee is not smart. He said that touching cubes on another persons robot or hitting them out of it was illegal.