Knocking stack over isn't automatic DQ?

Okay, So I just want to hear opinions and thoughts if this was the right call. At the middle school Kalahari Signature event, The opposing team stacked and i was playing defense since i got my 9 stack and teammate was already in towers, We hit and spin and MY tray knocks of 2 cubes from their stack in the unprotected zone. This was less than 5 seconds left and I was sad, The ref went to me after lots of discussion and said that it wasn’t a DQ since it was only worth 3 and we won by 5. Was that the right call? Note that we were in the quarters and a world qualifying event where stakes were super high for both alliances. I thought that is you touch an opponents stack its an Automatic DQ. Im just confused and want to see if the refs did the right thing.

Give <SG3> a reread. Section F, causing cubes in the protected zone to become descored, is an automatic DQ. Section B, touching scored cubes, is an if-match-affecting-or-multiple-warnings penalty.


We knocked over 2 cubes but it wasn’t match affecting. From what i read, It should have been a DQ?

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That was the first warning and we were ramming each other

assuming you weren’t pushed into the tower it seems like you should have been DQ’d


I couldn’t see if i was being pushed. Their robot was in the way but i know i was in the back closest to the tower while they were facing towards me so they might have pushed me im not sure

I can’t find a vid of the action

“Match affecting” means “changed who won the match”. (Or sometimes, “could reasonably have changed who won the match, to the referee’s definition of reasonable.”) The ref telling you that you won by 5 when the cubes you disturbed were worth 3 was the ref telling you that it wasn’t match affecting. Had the other team had those 3 points that you denied them, you would still have won anyway. You broke the rules, but in a way that the rules don’t consider to be consequential, so no penalty was assessed and you were merely warned.


Oh ok that makes a ton more sense. Thank you very much.

And try not to run into your opponents’ scored cubes in the future :slight_smile: One thing you might do is put your robot on a practice field and note the points on the ground where your tray can reach scored cubes or enter the Inner Protected Zone and have your driver be aware of those areas as “really bad extreme danger be careful” zones.


yeah it was a 2 day rebuild and i have no experience with the tray bot but we made it to semis and i was amazed how good we did.


I think that only applies for the unprotected zone.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure knocking out any cubes from the protected zone is an automatic DQ

(Edit: I am aware the incident occurred in the unprotected zone, but just to clarify…)

Yes. If you read the chain from the beginning, I already talked about that distinction.


Which match was it that you knocked cubes out of someone’s stack?


It was 4810U-3547H VS 42111P-98575F

I am preparing to ref this weekend and just worked through this issue last night. I believe that the refs made the correct call. Touching or descoring cubes in the “unprotected” scoring zone is only a DQ if it is match affecting. However, had you even just touched cubes in the “protected” scoring zone, you would have been DQed.


Or even just broken the plane of the inner protected zone, which would be necessary to touch those cubes. My mantra so far this year has been “it’s called the ‘protected zone’ for a reason”…


I’ll try to find it, but it should be the the stream, which was sent in the previous topic you made:

That is a beautiful quote.