Knocking Towers over

basically. if their intakes are touching the BASE cube, then you can ram them, until they back off and it is considered scored, then you can ram them. Even hit them flinging their cubes.

I believe this rule was created mainly to avoid teams gathering large amounts of cubes and just throwing them all out of the field. I believe that intentional actions that result in cubes leaving the field are okay, as long as that is not their main intention.
In other words, making cubes leave the field should be okay, as long as that is not the sole purpose.

This is my interpretation. However making your opponents cubes leave the field is just icing on the cake when ramming them. If their cubes fall out, they can’t gather them as easily, and have to go hunting for more, which may already be all gathered up, losing them the game. It is an added bonus to ramming, and therefore while they could claim they were just trying to “defend”. If they threw out a bunch of blocks from the opponents tray it would be illegal, but if it just happens while they are defending, then they just get “lucky”.

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Also @EagleBots , have you ever read the game manual? I’m pretty sure once of the biggest rules is DO NOT interact with the opponent’s goal zones

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You are confusing Goal with Protected. You can interact with an opponent attempting to score assuming you do not cause the violation of SG6, which is to say cause the opponents to contact a scored object. The moment they release the stack, it is considered scored, so up until then it is fair game. You can read through any of the old threads on the matter. This thread is more concerned with the possibility that knowing your action will result in a cube leaving the field prevents you from being allowed to take that action or not.

But eaglebot was saying that we could put a cube in the opponents goal zone, which is illegal.

Hey, it’s just hypothetical.

A hypothetical illegal move? When considering game strategies, I don’t really think it’s a good idea to consider illegal ones

That’s completely illegal but I would have done that if legal.

It has been a long standing interpretation of rules that if your action even unintentionally creates a violation, yet you continue to repeat that action, then it can be interpreted as intentional. For example, the rules specifically say you may not intentionally remove game objects from the field. If you bump a robot attempting to score a stack in the unprotected goal zone and the result is cubes leaving the field, you should get a warning from the referee. If you continue to do it in the same match or subsequent matches, then it is interpreted as you intentionally causing game objects to leave the field as you have not ceased to perform an action that you know will be a violation.