Knockoff Vex IQ ads on Youtube

I have noticed recently a flood of videos on youtube for Vex IQ parts from Chinese websites. By going to youtube and searching for ‘Vex IQ’ and sorting by Most Recent video, you will find that 30 or so of the most recent videos are spam ads for knockoff parts. They have used multiple google accounts to post these videos. I reported all of them as spam and suggest that if you are so inclined to do the same. Hopefully the videos are removed, saving our search results and Vex’s intellectual property at the same time.

Well no duh its just china trying to scam

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Omg really, ya China and the Usa are having a big fight

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Can u send me the link of the links, I can’t find them

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They look like this:
It’s basically just a video showing a picture of the product and a link to the aliexpress page.

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Can you link the aliexpress page? That might help.

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What proof do you have that this is a knockoff and not a verified reseller?

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Many verified resellers also sell non-vex things. STAX 3D for example. Their main business is 3D-printing things, but up until recently, they were also a reseller for VEX.


Someone put something like that on my channel comments

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Like an min ago 23333

I can see really it is a knock off, if they are selling the vex product from vex it will be $14.99 rather than $50. They are scaming u do not dare to bye it

Its kinda obvious
Ike it looks so fake, and no subs? Yeah that’s a scam

Most of the videos I reported as ‘spam’ to youtube are now gone. There has been a new slew of videos posted from all different, brand new, accounts in the last 24 hrs.

Ya i just saw, maybe Vex can sue them

Found one more just right now

U should see china, howww

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