Kublai 5.0 Invades Anaheim: 4252A Worlds Reveal

We decided to join the reveal party. Keep in mind that we made this reveal in an auto-shop with no field, no time, and only 6 sacks on hand.


Some features that we were unable to show due to lack of resources:
Efficient 5-1-5 pickup
De-scores a full trough in 3-5 seconds
De-scores the high goal
Scores up to 6 sacks in the high goal with match loads
12-14 sack capacity
Current Robot Skills High Score: 230

ooooh me likey! I’ll come by your pits tomorrow or thursday to see it in person! :smiley:

Cool, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. We really like your bot as well.

Wow, what a change from the first robot you guys had. Good luck at Worlds!

Our first time at world’s was a great time. It was a fun tournament and we encountered many fantastic teams in the math division. Our goal was to get to eliminations, and we surely met it! We ranked 5th after going 9-1 and were 4th seed alliance captains. We picked 1471a “The Third Wave” from Arizona and 7817a “High School of FNU” from China.

It was a shame we never really got a good match with 1471a as their drive axel broke at the beginning of the first quarterfinals match. Our second match went well until we got forcefully tipped by a team from Puerto Rico while defending our trough. The referees failed to call it so we were eliminated then. The team eventually got disqualified for doing the same thing to 2941a.

The whole experience was fantastic and we had some of the best matches we’ve ever played through. The Math division announcers were great fun and I congratulate every team for giving it their all. We mistakenly slacked off in scouting because we did not expect we’d actually be a picking team. This was rather overwhelming at times and I apologize to all the teams that tried to come up to us that we did not have the time to address. We will definitely keep on top of this if we come next year!

I would like to say how afraid I was of playing your robot. All I could tell our driver was to keep you away from our trough. I knew that if you got anywhere close, it would be emptied. Sorry to hear about 1471a.

We’re sorry it happened, and just our luck to have it happen in the first round of the finals. We learned a valuable lesson though; make sure every part of your robot is near indestructible. It was fantastic to be chosen by such a great team, and amazing that they did so well in their first year at world’s. We hope to see Kublai and everyone else at worlds next year! :slight_smile:

Your team did a fantastic job ! One of the best collectors at the event. Really impressed with your season from start to finish.
I’m a bit shocked that you did not win the Design Award. Your team has the best design notebook that I’ve ever seen in any robotics competition.


Great job! We look forward to seeing you this fall somewhere in Texas, if not there will always be San Antonio and Austin (and worlds).

I really enjoyed your video and the robot looks incredible!
I especially enjoyed your choice of music. What song is that in the video?

I believe it is Trash Talk by Ooah & LoBounce

You are correct. Sorry about that, we should have added that information into the video.

You guys did great. I was heartily impressed with your robot and your team. The finishing detail on your robot showed the effort you had put in. The elimination rounds in Math were crazy difficult. You should be very proud of your achievement. :slight_smile:

Was great to meet you, Paul

Amazing Bot.

When do we get to see the Notebook I’ve heard so much about but never seen?:D:p

Thank you! You did great this year, and it was a shame to see your last match end with a malfunction. Will we be seeing you next year as well?

Well we did promise to put it up after Worlds. We will have to do a bit more discussing as to how we are going to be sharing it, but we would love to be able to help out other teams with their design processes!

You guys did really good job. Unfortunately, we did not have chance to form an ally.

It is unfortunate. We loved your robot; it was quite the impressive achievement. Hopefully we’ll team up in the future!

We were looking forward to, but …