L shafts and Channels

While making a 6 bar, can you switch out a regular shaft with a L channel or a L chaft?

I’m not sure what you mean… do you mean channels? You can swap them out with half-Cs, or rails, which are similar.

If you mean shafts as in axels, I have no clue what an L axel is.

What exactly is an L-shaft? Shafts are the rods that go in motors, but I’ve never heard if an l-shaft. If by chance you are talking about an L-Channel, you can swap them with c-channels.

Sorry I meant L channels not C channels. If you need C channels but do not have them then can you use L channels if you have those?

Yes. Those are also called angles, or they might be rails or half C’s. Hard to tell, but yes; you can replace them. My only suggestion is to make sure you put the same corresponding pieces on each side to avoid uneven lifting.