Labview & Community College Robotics Spring 2012

I just wanted to show you guys a video I put together of some of the vex robotics footage captured during the semester. Check it out if you have time.

ALSO i’m looking into teaching Vex Robotics using Labview. It looks like this is not possible. Does anyone have a vex library of labview functions??
Thanks - Tim

I really like your Video… I have Subscribe to your You-Tube Channel…

Although is should be possible to have Labview Target the Cortex, I don’t think they have been given the Low Level access like the Manufactures of EasyC and RobotC.
IIRC in 2009 FRC, NI built the cRio Controller and Labview, giving them the Inside Track for development…

Because the VexPro is based on the Qwerk, and an Open Source Tool-Chain, there is a much better chance of getting Labview Integration…

How important is real Labview, vs a similar GUI drag/drop wire programming model?

Mathworks has a Matlab Simulink model set that works with EasyC, that they provide to BEST Robotics Inc competitors. There are some example training videos at Mathworks or maybe on youtube. If you are interested but can’t find them with usual web searches, PM me and I’ll get you a contact name.

Yeah i saw that simulink library. I teach mainly wannabe electronic technicians and some engineers in my robotics class and i think Labview would be more benificial for them.
They’re going to see that in industry. (well in my area anyhow) It would be great to be able to couple learning labview with robotics but it really looks like there is no library for Labview and Vex Cortex which is a real shame.