Lack of Entries

Is anyone planning on entering?? There is one video entry and about 12 essay entries. There are also many website entries.

We’re doing the essay challenges. I just got tired of writing after the dozen college apps, the Common App, and finals. Our competition robot (127C) is nearly finished, after which we get back to the trophy delivering robot that we’ve been designing for the last few months. We’ve got a plan set up for the RECF STEM video, as well. So I know we’re going to be doing some of it, just after Finals.

I think someone on our team is working on the game design challenge, as well as the Autodesk one too. I’m not doing either one; I know that. But I think someone is.

You will see a huge influx of entries in the last couple of day’s. Teams worry about being copied or outdone and wait until the last minute. We are finished with shooting video for a couple of our entries and need to do the editing now. Our essay still need’s a lot of polishing up. We will be doing 3 video challenges and an essay. We submitted our website already but neither of us are really good at web programming so we went with wordpress and a pre-made theme.

That sounds about like what it has been the past few years around this time. There’s usually a huge influx of entries right before the deadline.

That is what I was thinking, but I plan to get my entry up as soon as possible. After all, the first place winner is determined by public voters!

Bull Run Robotics

Last year I remember checking and this
was number one for the promo video competition.

It didn’t even get finalist though so I am not sure how it is based off of public opinion.

edit I didn’t really check this much so I am not totally sure if I am correct

The top 10 finalist are based on judges votes, the the finalist ranking are based on public vote.