Lack of Events to participate

We are a team from Los Angeles and we cannot find an event to participate on, the only one within 75 miles of us is all filled up. Very disappointed how few events are there in Los Angeles region. Anyone have any ideas where we can participate?

Host an event at your school or host a league, you can make it as a no thrills event or go all out. Here is list of items you would need to host a bare bones events and its a good fund raiser…

  • 1 laptop
  • 1 projector
  • 1 field
  • 1 set of game elements
  • gym or cafeteria
  • volunteers

Contact your RECF Rep for more info.


I have hosted Practice First lego league competitions at our school in the past, so I am a comfortable doing that. I guess I am trying to find way to participate with the chance of going to state championship competition.

Talk to your RECF rep about making your event a state qualifying event…

Hi jsanchez -

To echo what others have said, the best way to find out about new events springing up is to contact your local REC Foundation representative. For California, that would be Nancy McIntyre - . She may have further insight for events coming down the pipeline that aren’t posted just yet, and can point you in the right direction for setting up your own event.

Thanks everyone, I have contacted Nancy and she informed me of the same events I was already aware. Most of them are a good two hour drive from where I am, Which I am ok with it, I just need to convince the kids parents. I am thinking about hosting my own events since there is nothing within 100 - 150 miles of Los Angeles.
I guess VEXIQ being new, it will take a while for events to pick up in this area.