Lack of Q&A Responses

Hello all,

You may have noticed a lack of official responses to the Q&A recently. Additionally, many of you know that Karthik resigned his position at VEX Robotics to pursue other career opportunities. While we are all very happy for Karthik and his new career, we are saddened with his departure.

Karthik has been an icon in the VEX Robotics Competition culture for several years. He has also dedicated a significant amount of his time to the VEX Game Design Committee as its leader for the last decade. The loss of Karthik from our team has left a few holes that we have just recently filled.

Both the REC Foundation and VEX have been working together to determine the best way to move forward with the Q&A and have decided that we will move to a weekly (in some cases, bi-weekly) timeline for official answers. We will also move away from a single user responding (as Karthik has been posting from his user account in the past) and you will see official responses from a GDC Account.

What many of you may not have known is that the GDC was consulted on the majority of Karthik’s answers and we had an agreed upon response before Karthik posted.

Please know that even though the account is a generic GDC account, that our responses are thought out and discussed as thoroughly as when Karthik was responding directly. I am on the GDC, as well as, many familiar faces at VEX and the REC Foundation.

Lastly, many of us on the GDC are robotics competitors and put ourselves in your shoes when discussing all rules and rule clarifications. While we are not allowed to compete in VRC, we do still compete in robotics competitions and look at every aspect of the game as if we would have to build a robot for, and play, the game.

You will see responses to the majority of the questions on Friday of this week.

I thank everyone for their patience as we manage this transition.