Lag time in the middle of program

We have programmed our robot to pick a block in middle row to stack. After that when we try to program it to move it has a lag time of 8-9 seconds. We are unable to get rid of this lag time.
Also after a certain point the program seems to stop permanently.
East Robotics

What programming language do you use?
Can you post the program?

We are using Modkit and I don’t know how to post the program

Screenshots is your best option with ModKit

In addition to an obvious “error” in the program, the problem you are experiencing might be due to a combination of programming and construction (a conflict between the mechanics and the programming) or it might be that a condition you have programmed isn’t reached for some (mechanical or programmatic) reason.

Have you tried including sounds in your program to see (or should I say “hear”) what stage the program is at. Sounds can play an important role in debugging a program. If your robot is mostly static during the problematic stage of your program you could also use the screen to rpint status reports that can help you see what is going wrong,

in my driver control on ROBOTC some times in 2 motors out of 6 those motors sometimes slow down in the middle of the program then after moving the motors for a while then they work again just fine. I checked the program and all the motors are on 100%. can someone help me with this? thank you.

Please make a separate post for this issue (along with the code that is giving you this issue) as this will avoid any confusion with the issue reported by the original poster (and will allow people to dedicate the attentions to your specific issue).

Thank you!