Lake Highlands - Toss Up

This event will be the 1st North Texas event.

Many Veteran teams returning for another Toss up event:

  1. 26 - IronWave
  2. 136 - Berkner
  3. 2158 - Austin Cans
  4. 4000 - Omni Eagles
  5. 4080 - SBD Robotics
  6. 9090 - T-VEX

It will be the 1st event for Greenville High School (4148) since the 148 back in Elevation

Finals Predictions:
9090 , 2158 , 4148 , 4080

1461b is very good team too

26 is a force as well. They are an old team with a new number and were top contenders at Conroe.

Aww thanks guys you’re the best. I dont think we have quite lived up to that today, but we will get there. We always enjoy seeing some of the neat stuff you guys have to show!

I’ve retreated to the lab upstairs now because I’m absolutely exhausted and out of matches. Best of luck in finals!

This was a great event and Everyone involved in the putting it on deserves a hand! We ended up with a really tough match schedule (ie pusherbot and clawbot partners for 5 of our matches) but still had a fantastic time! This year has brought a lot of teams with really advanced designs early in the season, I can’t wait to see what happens as the year progresses. This is a really enjoyable and challenging game, and it has forced a lot of teams to really think about their designs.

Glad to hear y’all enjoyed it! I will be sure to pass this along to our club sponsor who headed up this event. It will make her happy:)

And yes, there was some pretty cool stuff! I know that we have lots of changes and tweaks to make! Hope to see y’all soon! Our next competition will be at the December 7th Greenville one. Cant wait!

Firstly, I would really like to thank you guys for doing such a nice job running the competition. We had a very good time during the competition.

Secondly, I really like your robot. It has a unique and very solid design. Keep it up!! Looking forward to seeing it with any improvements in Greenville!

Who won ? What were the best skill scores ?

Who is in charge of uploading results ?

PM if you need help with the Tournament Manager and the Admin interface

9090C, 9090A, and Richardson West Jr. High (Can’t recall their number) were tournament champions.

If I remember right 9090C was around 37 or 38 on programming, and 9090A was in the upper 50’s on driver skills.

9090C won the Excellence Award, and 2158M qualified by winning the Design Award.

I believe Mr. Roberts will be uploading the scores when he gets a chance.

According to my memory, the results were:

Excellence Award: 9090C
Tournament Champions: 9090C, 9090A, 9886 (Chrome Broncos)
Tournament Finalists: 2158M (AusTIN Cans), 26 (Ironwave), 136 (Berkner FEARLESS)
Design Award: 2158M
Programming Skill: 9090C - 38 pts
Robot Skills: 9090A - 56 pts

If anything is wrong, please correct me.

Thank you very much! It needs some work, a better drive train and the ability to handle large game pieces. I think static electricity or something go to it in the semifinals, motors spazzed out, LCD displayed that the battery voltage was around 14,000v, and the thermal fuses on the intake motors went out because they were connected to each other, and they started trying to spin against each other cause of said issues. Oh well, ittl get there.

Congrats on all your victories this weekend!

Results are uploaded. Great job everyone!