Lapeer MI Fall Qualifier 11/17/18 Match Videos

Hey everyone,

At the request of a few other teams, we decided to put together a few match videos from the Lapeer MI Fall Qualifier that took place on 11/17/18.

Video is at this link

If you have any questions, just let us know in this thread or in the comments section of the video

Hello from Grand Blanc! The girls posted their matches from Lapeer as well if you would like others…

Nice video @terminalvelocity . What set-up are you using for recording. It’s obviously more steady and smoother panning than someone holding a phone.

@sabarrett328 Looks like Major Trouble had a great tournament. Congrats on the Excellence Award.

It wouldn’t change the outcome of the match either way, but I noticed in Qual 13 it appears like blue crossed the auton line, but they still won autonomous. Was that a referee oversight? or is that how that rule is interpreted?

@Adam T, We are using a DJI Osmo+. It is a very nice stabilized camera.