@Gameoa what kind do we use? I’ve heard they are fairly cheap.

I have touched and used laptops from multiple brands. The HP 3 in 1 envy x360 laptop I commonly use had a cost of $600 when I got it (I was intending to use it for gaming with ease of transportation). I got it 6-7 years ago right when 3 in 1 laptops are just being introduced, hence the expensive cost. I absolutely love the touch screen and I use it very frequently, especially for coding. The only problem I have with it, sadly, is that the battery really doesn’t last long. For the first 2 years the battery started to diminish(so my laptop generally has to be plugged in always), and I also noticed extreme performance drops too. I found resetting the laptop helped a bit but it still was slow. I also got similar performance drops after a couple of years with two HP desktops throughout my childhood. My sister bought an HP spectre with her savings for around $1000-$1300 and its thin and sleek shape can suprisingly handle most high-end graphics. I may say its even better than Microsoft’s Surface at the cost, but I would not recommend buying a Microsoft Surface or spectre for gaming.
Would I recommend HP desktops? No
Would I recommend HP laptops? If you have a good budget of $1000+, sure!
Out of my experience, HP does not do well with gaming. I would never recommend HP to a gamer. My school has HP laptops with $300< cost, and around 10-25% of the laptops don’t turn on. So, being said, I would not recommend even low cost HP laptops either.

What about Dell?
I have found dell laptops to be very rigid and durable, and lasts a good amount of time. If you are paying $400+ for a dell laptop, I would suggest buying a normal sized one. But if you’re paying $400< you should go for one of the smaller Dell laptops. We got a normal sized Dell laptop for ~$300 and it didnt last 3 years, but I found people with smaller dell laptops for ~$300 to last much longer. In terms of desktops, Dell offers a large variety of durable desktop computers, but since I never had a dell desktop I dont know too much about their lifespan.
Would I recommend Dell PC’s? I don’t know
Would I recommend a Dell laptop? Yes, but under the condition that the lower end Dell laptop is small

I have found and seen Lenovo computers to be quite well, but only for some. I had a small Lenovo laptop for around ~$300 and it didnt even last 2 years. But I have seen teachers use Lenovo thinkpads for years upon years. The battery life I have seen while using a Lenovo laptop is very good, and I have found the Lenovo desktops to have very great performance for their budget cost. But, I will admit that although they last long you won’t have product luster(I think the laptops look ugly) and you would lose much of the user experience(the display quality sucks in my opinion).
Would I recommend a Lenovo desktop? Yes, but only for work
Would I recommend a Lenovo laptop? Yes, but only for work

Hopefullythis helps :slight_smile: