Large Bucky on Top of Ring in Corner Goal

I believe that there have been several posts asking this same question, but the responses I have seen some are contradictory and since last Saturday the same question came back on a practice event held at our school.

How many points does a Large Bucky Ball counts if it is on top of it’s ring inside the corner goal? 0 points or 3 points?

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored from the VEX IQ Challenge Add It Up Manual

Scored – A Scoring Object is Scored in a Goal if it is within the three-dimensional space defined by the outer edges of the Goal, projected upwards and infinitely perpendicular to the playing field. Note: The Scoring Object must not be touching a Robot.

Thus if a Large BuckyBall is within the volume formed by a Floor Goal, it counts as being Scored, regardless of the presence of a Scoring Ring. It is worth 3 points.