Large Chassis Kit

I am getting ready to purchase some robotics parts for my own. I am on a budget, so I am looking for getting a kit and some metal for a larger chassis.

So far I plan on getting the V5 classroom starter kit, some nylocks, and the large chassis kit.

My question is: What are the metal parts in the “large” chassis kit? I know the angles seem perfectly normal, but I don’t know of any rails that are 35 holes long. Are those pieces actually the normal rails, and if so (or even if not) could anyone provide a picture of them?

The link is here

Also, the image labeled “medium chassis kit” looks like the large one, and the “large chassis kit” looks like the medium one. Could @DRow look into that (not sure who to ask about that)?

do you mean for trying things out, or to build a competition robot?

if a competition robot, seriously look at the super competition kit, it has a lot of great things in it…

if for yourself, the large chassis kit is probably not worth it, go a little more expensive for long aluminums c-channels/angles/ etc.

Also, wait for the game to come out, and figure out what problem you are trying to solve.

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I wouldn’t get the chassis kits tbh the rails and angles are pretty garbage. Just buy yourself some c channels


It’s for myself, not a competition. I don’t have the money to buy c-channels. I don’t know of any rails that are 35 long.

EDIT: Nvm I found the long rails

Rails are limited in use compared to c-channels which you use everywhere.

So bang for the buck, I would invest a little more on c-channels.

Also, why do you need 35x35 chassis? Sometimes smaller is a lot better.


Using the chassis kit doesn’t give you enough parts for a full robot. The first VEX robot I built for myself used the medium chassis kit but I had to add extra parts for the lift mechanism.

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I know. The classroom starter kit comes with more