Large Purchase

Does anyone know if VEX offers any deals for schools looking to purchase a large amount of parts. We are looking to upgrade our kits because we still run off the PIC system and haven’t upgraded in 3 years. Also we are buying to upgrade 6 teams.

hmm, your definition of “large” is apparently different than theirs?
never hurts to ask though!

in what terms do you mean that our definition of large is different than they’re’s? Also just to clarify we aren’t just buying new microcontrollers, we are buying new hardware, sensors and control systems.

like for a large corporate company like Vex, in order to get bulk discounts, you need to buy like ~1000 pcs of the same item
(or 100?)
it depends on the company, but maybe they’ll be nice to ya since your an the forums and all :wink:

Hi Team Dynamo,
All of the VEX items are already discounted with educational pricing (the majority of our customers are education related). In general, we do not do bulk discounts except on certain products (which are clearly listed on the website).

Sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping to hear.
Take Care,