Large Red Balls splitting @ seam

I’ve lost three additional large red balls with all three splitting at the seam near the stem.
I currently need a minimum of three balls to hold our State Tournament on March 1st. I see two pack products is still out of stock.
Every ball I’ve lost due to breaking at seam has been red…interesting. I’ve not lost one blue ball and really do not need blue replacements.
Please advise.
Photo’s attached

Bump…no reply as to how I’m going to get at least three red large balls before March 1st.

Hello Dave,

I apologize about the late response.
Per the usual procedure, please report any damaged units to for a warranty check. Make sure to include your VEX order number in your email.



Two of the three balls were replacement balls Vex sent in response to earlier split balls. The third ball was a red ball that came with a Field elements order from one of our other county Middle Schools. I really do not have VEX order number for at least two of the balls and rounding up the third ball order would be a challenge.
I’m hosting the NC State Tournament on March 1st. and plan to put these replacement balls in a vault until the event date. If you absolutely need a vex order number I suppose I can ask the other High School to start digging. They ordered the elements back in August or September.
It may take them awhile to come up with a number and I don’t want to jeopardize getting these replacement in time for the State Tournament.
Please advise.
(Next years game gonna use these balls??) :)))