Large VEX World Championship Logo

Does anyone have a REALLY big (like, MASSIVE) VEX World Championship Logo? I can’t find a big one on the internet. I only have the one from robotevents right now.


Would these work?

Not really. They are still pretty small.

Use something like Inkscape to load the vector version of the logo from that zip file (pdf or eps) and you can export a bitmap of whatever size you want.

Ah, I did not see the vector file in the ZIP!


PNG: (transparent background)
4628x1532 (600ppi)
6942x2298 (900ppi)

JPG: (white background)
5088x1995 (600ppi)
7632x2992 (900ppi)
The resolutions are only bigger because the JPG versions have whitespace around them while PNGs dont (not sure why)

A little tip while naming mages. PNG saves images to keep most of their original gradients with small pictures while JPG tends to pixelize everything at smaller sizes. Although your PNG seem to be a bit larger, they have less of a pixely than I would expect from a transparent image. Why, I don’t know but if your looking for a more defined image at the sizes you have, there’s very little difference between the two images. However, if you’re looking for a larger image that those, JPG would be recommended. Also, photo graphs should be save JPG because of its small compressed format while PNG is used mainly for drawings.

As to the white space, I am not exactly sure why either. One thing I do know though, is that if you save it to transparency, the pixilation tends to show more than that of a white background because the picture has to ‘adapt’ to multiple backgrounds and different gradients.

Anyways, those are some nice images :slight_smile:

JPEG was originally only lossy.

Lossy means the detail is lost in compression.

PNG was derived from GIF (or more so made to replace GIF).

Both now support lossless compression but in general most JPEGs are lossy and most PNGs aren’t.

One huge difference is that PNG supports transparency while JPEG does not. This gets into RGB v/s RGBA formats. Basically PNGs can have a fourth color channel that is the “A” in RGBA. It stands for Alpha and is used as a mask.

In general PNGs are preferred more than JPEGs. Whenever I’m doing graphics work, I will almost always export everything in PNG. On rare occasion when I’m really trying to shave off bytes I may use JPEG as an easy way to compress an image coming out of Photoshop. These are usually background images where I just don’t care if there’s a little blurriness.

Those were just images exported from Illustrator using the files 536C posted.
I think I know why the PNGs are cropped. Because PNGs are transparent, Illustrator crops the image as small as possible without cutting off the nontransparent/opaque parts. Meanwhile JPGs dont have transparency and Illustrator can’t tell whether the white background is supposed to be part of the image or not.

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