Large Zone Autonomous Route Ideas

Currently, my team has an ordinary tray bot (not DR4B but a 4 bar lift) and I want to find the best route for the autonomous period. I looked on youtube to see any practice or match videos of teams doing this autonomous, but all I find is DR4B stacker bots. The goal is obviously to not have a cube pass the auto line and get disqualified. The issue that I have at the moment is that our robot does not have the capability of intaking the 4 high stack into our tray reliably, and usually knocks the pre-placed stack over the autonomous line, which is a dq. I currently see only a 3 cube stack maximum(preload + 2 cubes that start near/in the taped-in alliance zone or Large Goal Zone). Are there any other routes that can obtain more cubes in a reasonable amount of time that is within the 15s and within the archetype of my robot?

…The easiest thing you can do is form a “T” where you go forward, turn 90 degrees, pick up the cube, turn 180 degrees, and intake the fourth cube by stacking. I had that auton at a recent tournament, and it was the best auton for the large zone.

Otherwise, you are just going to have to get creative and come up with different ideas. I can think of a couple, but I wouldn’t recommend them based on the way you describe your robot.

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Yeah, but he said he doesn’t have a DR4B tray…

Yeah but still a four bar lift, that’s enough to intake a 4 cube stack. Even if the tray isn’t on the lift, it’s still possible to ram the stack in such a way that it will fall into your tray. This would actually be faster than what they did in the video.

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True, although we’ll have to continue with further testing so that this strategy of ramming into the stack is reliable and doesn’t tip the cubes over the auton-line as much.

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