Larger Bearing Flats

I’d like to see Bearing Flats offered in larger “sheets” that can be cut down as needed. The size should be around 5x5 (holes), though larger sizes could be useful too.

They should be strong enough that they can be used as a single block without accidentally snapping apart, but designed so they can be separated without damage using a knife or thin-kerfed saw.

This would mostly be a convenience product, but it could definitely simplify (and probably lighten) many gearbox designs.


  • Dean

Delrin is pretty soft. I bet they could be scored for easy cutting with a hacksaw.

or a band saw
we cut some of ours because the space only allowed for 2 holed flats
a 5 hole would be very useful though!

I agree this part would be very useful. Lots of cool things you could do with it, and work around problem areas easily, and reduce metal in certain places and such.