Laser pointer lineup at worlds

Is it legal to line a robot up with a laser for auton? Taking it off before the match starts of course.

This was ruled illegal in a Q&A:

Edit: per @AidenPyle below, seems it’s probably OK as long as you take the pointer off before the match.


According to Karthik from a post in 2017, yes you can as long as it is only being used before the match. It is illegal however to have the laser attached to your robot and used during the match.


It was ruled illegal because they were wanting to use a functional non-VEX part during the match.
If you are using a laser pointer to line up before autonomous begins it will be perfectly legal. If you do want something related to a laser pointer to assist in aiming during the match, you could get a VEX flashlight, as it is ruled legal as per here: