Laser pointer

Is there some way to wire up a laser pointer to go directly into a motor port? I would think that it would probable be something with the outer two wires but i don’t know

Vex should have a warning on the box: Caution extremely fun may cause malnutrision and/or late nights

I don’t think that would work, I don’t know if you could program a laser very easily into the Vex Easy C. Nice blurb at the end though, oh so true also.

u can just make a servo turn in on/off

there probably is some way you could do it…some guy on these forums made an awsome ball launcher and to get the motor fast and strong enough he had to hook up a fan motor o.o…

that was me!

ya i got it if you want to do its the red is positive and black is ground white is i/o

very, very, true


how many volts does a laser pointer take mine uses three small circular batterysi need to no how many volts because i want to hook it up to vex:D

This is what would be the easiest to do. Keeping the origional power supply with the lazer pointer. due to the various types 1, 2, 3, 4 buttoncells or 2 aa’s … too many options. now, a simple soultion. is mini relay and a small preprinted bread board or a prototype board. using the red and black wires to energize the relay. take the switch apart in the unit then soldering two more leds off connect them to the other end of the relay. so now when you press example ch 6 on the transmitter you will activate the ch 6 on the controller thus triggering the relay which is the new mechanical/electrical switch for your lazer pointer and it’s still R/C and uses minimal power if you need me to PM me and I will work up a print of the diagram for you.

How about using one of the motor speed control?:confused:
have you ever oppened a motor on vex before?:confused:
there is a circuit with a small motor attatched. That circuit is a speed control!
Desauder the motor out and put the wires for the lazer in…
sadly I don’t have any useable motors because I shorted them oun on a hydrobot! (It actually floated!!!)(Foam)

The Batteries might have a Voltage “stamped” on them. If not, use a VOM on a new battery to see what its voltage is.
Since the 3 Batteries are stacked together, you would multiply the Voltage of a single Battery by 3.

My Laser pointer I got at Wallgreens™, has 3, AG13 batteries in it. One of them read 1.5 Volts when new. So 3 Batteries in Series is 4.5 Volts total. I figure I would try it with 5 Volts on the Vex controller, since if it “burns up” I am only out $2.50 (USD) for the laser pointer… The Vex Controller seems “pretty durable” as BRCLANCY111 pointed out in this thread.

the robot console can supply a high voltage off of tx and the motor ports. I don’t know why tx but it is the only port I could get working with leds