Laser Pointer

I was wondering if using a laser pointer on our robot to align with the cones on the field. I was wondering because it might be considered a functional non-vex part since it would be helping our team.

You could try ultrasonic since it is a vex legal part

You may not use the laser pointer during the match. You may use it during the set up when placing the robot, but it must be done safely and quickly so as to have the match start on schedule.

Take a look at this link:
Also, thank you for asking general questions to the community instead of towards the Q&A. Many people go onto the Q&A as if it were Siri or Alexa , and it’ really does waste a great amount of effort to the VEX GDC to answer already answered questions. I’m pretty certain 95% of the questions that come up probably would have already been answered. If you want to search on the vexforum by relevance, go on google and type into the search bar “topic to search for”
Hopefully this tip help you in the future :smiley:

  • [TVA] Connor