Laser Sizing Box 2.0

The second version of the laser sizing box made its debut at the BC Christmas Qualifier at University Hill Secondary today.

The key improvements in the new version are that it uses two-sided tape to mount to the wall, providing a more stable mount surface than a table as in version 1, and that a slot and screw allow for adjustable clamping force on the lasers, making adjustment easier.

I also spent some time examining how the lasers were assembled, so I could prevent the lenses from sliding inside the laser housing (thus putting the beams off-square) and then gently pressed the lens/focus system into the mounting hole, so that it, too, was held securely in place.

That and I think I figured out how to include a few photos as part of this post.

We now have two laser sizing boxes in operation (see previous ‘Laser Sizing Box’ thread and photo gallery for more info on version 1, which still works fine)… they not only elicit comments of “cool” from the students (and adults!), and prevent any issues with the robot being supported by the walls of the sizing box, but also speed up inspection by giving immediate and clear feedback on exactly what parts are oversize. Unlike with a sizing box, students can poke and prod the offending parts, or simply mark them with a felt pen for removal in their pit space.

At present, students have to rotate their robot 90 degrees to measure both length and width, but that isn’t a problem as they are usually only over-size in one dimension. Two of the wall-mount units could be mounted on an inside corner of a wall to measure length and width simultaneously. It doesn’t measure height, yet… but that’s why there will eventually be a 3.0 variant of the box.

Actually, height might be version 4 or 5… it really isn’t that important this year.

Laser Sizing Box 2 mounted.jpg
Laser Sizing Box 2.jpg
Laser Sizing Box marking oversized.jpg
Laser Sizing Check Box.jpg
Laser Sizing Oversized.jpg


i love it :slight_smile:

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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