Last chance to vote for online challenges

Online challenge voting closes in a few hours so if you haven’t already voted for your favorite entries now’s a good time.

One of our teams spent ages working an a game animation. If you like it, log in & click the thumbs up. VEX Breakthrough

@_7682, I really like the depth of modelling you have in your animation, but the robot specific laws of physics in Rapid Reversal just take it to another level:

People, if you haven’t seen a number of really funny entries for this year’s Game Design Animation Challenge you are missing a lot!

what precision, imagine those superclaw bots at your local district compeition

7700R throws those cubes with such precision!

in my opinion breakthrough was best animated/rendered of all of the entries i have seen, those renders looked amazing.

A bit late, but Rapid Reversal is a bit better than Breakthrough imo