Last Minute Change Worlds

I didn’t really understand the reasoning behind moving NBN worlds last minute to Lexington Kentucky.
Can someone please explain why?

It doesn’t mess with my plans, but I imagine that it will be pretty hard for some people to change around their trip.

Nice meme (10char)

Pardon me?

@Samuel Crouch (7842D) I agree. It’s hard to understand the change considering that Lexington seems so much smaller than Louisville. If only RECF had announced this earlier…

Next they will announce that all the driver loads will spread out on the floor with no boxes or bags!

You serious?!
They moved??!!

Please tell me it is April fool…

Nope, I believe this change was because of the increase of teams from 450 to 500

Where was it amnounced officially?

Has to be April Fools, but a good one :slight_smile:

Definitely April fools, there has been no official announcement anywhere. Also, I don’t think it would be feasible to move such a large scale event at the last minute like that.

I keep hoping the move from Anaheim was the joke

It its not a joke they are gonna need to pay our $1000 deposit for our hotel rooms to be changed.

It says its in Louisville on robot events, so I assume it is an April fools joke.

Nice meme.

My mentor was scrambling all morning to try to change our trip to lexington without spending any more money than we already have. :cry:
We came so close to cancelling our hotel rooms in Louisville before I noticed the date.
I think you almost killed my mentor. :wink:

Ok, I was exaggerating quite a bit, it wasn’t that close.
It would have costed us $700 more.

What an emotional rollercoaster.

I hope no one fell for it too much though.

This has to be April Fools

Best post of the year.

This is why you don’t take the word of an internet stranger for lore, even ignoring that today is April First.