Last minute checklists

I’m sending my team to Worlds without me, and even though they’re reasonably experienced, I thought it wise to have a systematic checklist of reminders, as below. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated.

The night before

  1. Unpack the robot. Check for damage. Drive it around a bit and test all motors/autonomous.
  2. Charge both types of batteries (7.2 volt and AAA), as many batteries as possible. Check the voltages. Put the highest charge batteries in a separate bag for competition; use the lower ones for practice, then discharge. There are extra Ziplocs for separating.
  3. Decide which day(s) the team will wear its shirts. If more than 1 day, will they be washed? If so, mark tags with Sharpie. Suggestion: it seems that the first day when you first arrive is best for picture taking – everyone is excited, not exhausted, so that might be a good day for shirts.

The morning before you leave the hotel room

  1. Make sure all 3 types of batteries (including disposable 9 v), as well as 4 chargers and power strip are packed up and ready.
  2. Bring 2 Vex boxes and 1 robot box. Make sure the joystick is packed.

First day arrival

  1. Locate sockets/plug in power strip and set up computers and charger.
  2. Unpack/decorate station
  3. Find out if there are last-minute updates to the software/master code. If so, you’ll have to re-embed the code in the template.:frowning:
    4, Have the robot officially inspected (after informally inspecting at the pit) and get the inspection seal.
  4. If it’s available, go over the schedule/match list. If there is a practice match, use it to test out our Vexnet connectability.
  5. If there is no practice match, see if there is any way to test the robot at an arena (practice, robot skills, or programming skills) to be activated through an arena Vexnet tower, and see if you can get linking.
  6. Check out the skills challenges – earlier is better, as late slots tend to fill up.
  7. Contact alliance partners & strategize
  8. Take lots of pictures and have a great day!

15 minutes before each match

  1. Check to see that the batteries are as fresh as possible (change to a new 9 v. battery for each match?)
  2. Run all motors, suck in a ring or 2 to make sure nothing is “stuck”.
  3. Reset the belts up to starting position.

On the field at each match

  1. Position the robot properly.
  2. Turn on both the robot and the joystick. Make sure that the appropriate green lights flash to show linkage.

Last day pack-up

  1. Be sure to remove all posters/decorations, etc. from the pit station.
  2. Pack up power strips and all plugged-in items.
  3. Tidy up! The event staff will be grateful.
  4. Remember to thank someone. Most of the people involved are volunteers.

Advil? Check!
Orthotic shoe inserts? Check!

Here’s another oldie but goodie: