Last tier / intake of linear lift

Hello there,

We are currently at the stage of chaining up the final tier of our linear lift which the intake is attached to…

However we can’t seem to get our heads around how to chain it up! We tried one way but the chain was way to tight and then when we added more chain it was to slacky.

Hope you can help!

I can kind of imagine what I think the problem you are having is, however if you should seriously consider posting detailed pictures of your problem here.
A picture is worth 1000 words!
Hope I can be of help.

I can post a picture of how we have chained up to the third tier? But I have now pictures of the fourth tier cause I can’t chain it up !

How you did the 3rd teir and what you have now should be good. It should give a better idea of the problems you’re having, so they can be solved.

I don’t completely understand exactly what you need help with, but perhaps this diagram can help:

See this. It may help.

I have fixed the last tier now… Just had to modify it to make it the same as the previous tiers but just with an intake on the front !

That’s nice to know! Best of luck with this robot!:slight_smile:
Look at image 7of7