Late Nights >.<

Whats the latest you have stayed up to be ready for a competition?
Green Machines is an all nighter before the social at Will C Wood HS.
I personally went about 40 hours straight without sleep:eek:.
I must really love this robotics stuff :rolleyes:


Well lets see…

I’ve been putting the most complicated piece of code in existance together for the past 2 days with only 3 hours of sleep… and I’m still only halfway done… But hey, the result is **seriously ** worth it!!!

Team 2500, is bringing a suprise!


I’m not really a last minute person when it comes to robots :stuck_out_tongue:

I once ran three days on three hours sleep and six cans of Full Throttle preparing for a competition. To top it off, I managed to go on a date with my girlfriend after the competition without dying of exhaustion. Beat that.

254A pulled an all-nighter going into Pan-Pacific, and slept on the plane.

254F and I pulled all-nighters going into Siatech and San Ramon (the week afterward), and slept during lunch.

Last year, I pulled an all-nighter for a term paper, went to school until lunch, finished our engineering notebook on the plane to Birmingham (my parents insisted on using Southwest), drove an hour to Atlanta, and arrived at 3:00 AM. I woke up three hours later to get the robot ready for FTC worlds.

254 Vex has never gone to sleep earlier than 2:00 AM for any competition, this year or last year. But we’re still trying…

The only thing stopping our teams from pulling all-nighters is that we get kicked out of the school by 9PM.

We always take valuable time to prepare… even if it means missing classes.

We just take the party to my garage :D.

See I tried doin that but the people of the party didn’t follow…

Since our team is ‘fortunate’ enough to compete in 3 different robotic competitions, much of our days and nights tend to blend in together. We have spent many nights up at school til 2 or 3 in the morning, usually programming. Isn’t it great to have a beautiful robot, but it won’t work because of some stupid bug in the programming? :eek:

Right now we are like the Poofs, busily getting ready for Atlanta, and at the same time totally rebuilding our robot for Dallas. I often wonder what it would feel like to be able to home when the sun is still out???

And the fun is just starting for us…Atlanta over spring break, two weeks (I think), Dallas, two weeks of AP exams, Physics Day @ Great America, final exams, two weeks (I think), SATs and ACT.

By mid-June I will have become nocturnal.


I’m just glad I’m on the other side of the desk. However, I will have to grade all that mess…

We haven’t had to pull any late nights. The latest I have been up working on our robot has been about 11pm. A group of kids a few classes before mine, who are now in college, have spent several all nighters before a competition. They have also rebuilt their bot in the car on the way to a competition or in a hotel room the night before. Now, we normally have more than enough time to get stuff done.

I think the latest for us has been around 1 am before the regional at Bellarmine on January 17. I think we completely changed our robot that night…

haha well this is where my teams “youngness” comes in i guess…

last year for botball i stayed up till 10:30 for “safty reasons” since I was the only girl, but the boys stayed up till 1 or 12 or something…

this year for vex we have stayed till 2 i think since our teahcer worries about the whole, your still growing and need sleep thing…

but we dont really have to stay up late since we usually have robotics about every day after school…Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we’re usually here from 2:30-4:30
Friday we’re here from about 2:30- 5:30 (but we almost always go over 5:30)
Wednesday we’re here from about 12:30- 4:30
Saturday we’re here from about 9-3 (but we always go past 3)

I remember that, we kept the gym open because so many of us were cramming. Didn’t you guys come in with a robot not working?

254A and B’s captains stayed up a few more hours after the gym closed. I went to sleep around 4:00 knowing 254A wasn’t done, but we couldn’t miss our own regional.

No it was working… its just that once we got there we decided to change our wheels up from the 2.75" to the 4" which required a thorough reworking of our base and then we were a bit out of the size limits so we had to adjust our arm a little bit and other such complications.

six cans of full throttle … sugar overdose lol

When we stay late we have like a two liter soda or two and some candy… were still 7th and 8th grade so we dont take to much sugar all that well… and a lot of us arnt that big of a fan of coffee still…

oh dont u worry, just give it a bit of time and u’ll be addicted!