Late season Strategies

Auton being a swing of 2x its bonus is dependent on that being true; one team must win auton. However, the auton bonus is not always given to one team. Like my previous example in Turning Point, auton is like a neutral flag, waiting to be scored. If one team scores it, the points aren’t subtracted from their opponents score. The fallacy with both your examples is that you then consider the new point value if the other team were to win auton rather than the first, assuming the first had already won; essentially if now they are changing the color of a flag that isn’t neutral. But auton always starts neutral, meaning that whoever wins it will be rewarded 6 points, but to no deficit of their opponent’s points in any circumstance.


Auton can either be a win or a loss. (Or tie, but we don’t care about that right now)
If you win auton, you not only gain 6 points, but you ensure your opponents score is 6 points lower than it would be if you had lost auton. So thats a 12 point swing.

red wins auton and beats blue 26-20.
If blue had won auton it would be 20-26. Thats a 12 point swing, see because red loses 6 points and blue gains 6.

We do in fact care about that, as that’s what makes it not a swing.

That is not a 12 point swing, because even though you are stopping your opponent from earning points, you are not depleting their points. Lets take your original example again. The match starts, the score 0-0. Red wins auton. Now the score is red - 6, blue - 0. In your example though, when you considered what would happen if blue won auton, you assumed that red started with the 6 point bonus. However, red does not start with the 6 point bonus; they start with 0, just like blue, because the auton bonus isn’t garunteed, it’s up for grabs. So if blue wins auton, the score will be red - 0, blue - 6, but red did not start with 6, they started with 0, meaning that it is only a 6 point swing rather than a 12 point swing.

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Yeah the team you are watching here for autonomous has highly advanced tracking code which is insanely hard to do with the coding language we are given. Only the most elite programmers in the world would be able to pull something like that off.

Okay buddy chill out this is vex we’re not nasa engineers. Comparatively, the tracking code is much simpler.

Also, what if a field was actually wiped clean? No cubes for towers. Like a dr4b took the remaining cubes off the field and stacked them on a tower. Now it’s only a game of who has more cubes.

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I don’t think you understand the amount of math involved and the process that you need to use to create the tracking code… Especially since the libraries vex has are very limiting. There’s a reason there are only a couple teams that actually have successful tracking code.

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I looked at the code myself briefly. I can honestly say that with further investigation, I can make code of similar or equal caliber. I also have past experience with things of this nature as well as motion algorithms (not just pid). I will say that iq would’ve taken me much longer without the tracking code document that explains the code.

Please in the future don’t assume someone u don’t know lacks knowledge on these subjects

The math isn’t that bad, it just takes a lot of time to tune properly, and most teams don’t take that time. I think that the mindset some people seem to have about odometry being ‘too hard’ is very destructive, and inhibits some valuable progress that might have occured otherwise.

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Autonomous will be very important like said above but also how smooth you can drive. And if you are a tower bot, defense and speed will be important. If you are a traybot, you have to be smooth when driving so you can use your time wisely.

Auton may not be as important late season as it is now. The game manual says that a possible change to the amount of points awarded by auton could happen.
This would happen at a scheduled game manual update; This upcoming one. It could be changed from 6 points to 4 points, or even 3. We have already seen that in matches that are low scoring OR extremely high scoring, or any match where towers are not scored, auton can and WILL be the deciding factor. 6 points is an entire extra six cubes on the field, which, unaffected by towers, is ton of value for the winning alliance. however, if towers are played well, the auton bonus will likely have no affect on the resulting score. it’s kind of a delimma on how to change autonomous. I’m sure Vex will find the solution.


I think that it should be an even number because ties would then be really confusing. Was this also something that occured last season?

They might make it worth more points depending on how many cubes are being stacked

I would say it would be how much the auto can do, the consistency of the auto, and how good the teams drivers are

One of the main reasons we did this was due to the nature of the unprotected zone. You leave yourself completely open to any defense if you took the route of taking down a 5-6 stack. Because we knew that the team we were going against would be fairly slow in coming over and disrupting is after our 7-8 cube pickup, we felt very comfortable with spending the first 5-8 seconds in a match for grabbing another cube and deploying it.


If the auton bonus was an odd number, then there wouldn’t be any ties which I would assume is good?

then how would they be scored?

u know if they change it it could get bigger to and be like 16 pts or somthing

That would be way too much, basically if a team wins an auton they are certainly going to win the game, which makes the game basically entirely dependant on auton.

auton is only 15 seconds which is a fraction of the match. It should be balanced so good autons make a difference but not enough so driver control would be useless.