Latest Robot C

I have version 4.10 of Robot C. Is there any way to turn off the “Graphic Functions” window? It keeps poping up when I click on the “errors” window. Very annoying.


Which Graphic Functions window are you referring to? I’m assuming the Graphics Function Library window on the left hand side of the ROBOTC interface; this should be docked by default and should only be present in the Graphical environment. Does this window appear when you are in text-based ROBOTC mode? Also, feel free to post a screenshot of the issue, if possible, and let me know what ROBOTC is configured as (normal ROBOTC, Natural Language, Graphical or text based, Physical robot or Virtual Worlds, etc) and I will attempt to replicate this problem on my end (am not able to at the moment).

Thank you,

Edit: I was able to replicate this problem by closing the Functions Library window, creating an error in ROBOTC, then clicking on the error. I will forward this to our development team and we have added it to the future revision list. Thank you for making us aware of this issue, and please let us know if you run into any other bugs or annoyances!