Latest skills scores not showing in world rankings?

Hi, how long does it take for scores to show in the world rankings? A week ago my teams beat their previous skills scores in competition, but the new scores haven’t appeared on the world rankings yet (still on their previous scores). The teamwork scores from the comp. are showing up on their profile, as is their skills qualification for uk nationals, just not the score they got to achieve it! None of the skills scores from the event seem to be on their yet, its not just our teams. Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

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They might have forgot it. Try to wait a little more and if nothing is showing then talk to the event manager. This has never happened to me but talk to the manager of that event and just wait to see if anything happens

What’s the event?

If the skills are on the event page but not in the world rankings then that is a BIG deal…

Event Code : RE-VIQC-19-0275 Yorkshire VEX IQ Squared Away Regional
The results are showing on the events page,
but not in the world skills standings

Just let the local rsm know that, it is an easy fix there is no need to freak out about it, it’s not that big of a deal. The rsm simply needs to check one checkbox on the administration side.

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And I think the problem from their end is that there are less than 16 teams. That is something your RSM will have to override. As @vexvoltage said, just let them know. There are a lot of things you have to do when setting up an event and it’s really easy to miss things.

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The skills score will not count towards World Skills if there are less than 16 teams.

This is not necessarily true, recf has allowed this multiple times over the past few years.

You are absolutely correct. RECF can and has allowed events with less than 16 teams to count. By default, they do not, and the event needs to seek a special exception.

It would be appropriate to talk to the Event Partner to understand if they received that special exception from the RSM.

Any idea why? As surely the number of teams doesn’t affect the skills scores, whereas you might argue less teams in teamwork does have an affect.

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Because if there was no minimum a small group of schools could potentially have a closed skills event and would be able to get suspicious results without the public eye.

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