Latest version of EasyC v4

Does anyone know which versions of EasyC v4/master code are currently being used? We downloaded our version in January, and I realized that within in the last 3 months, it may have become outdated and unusable at Worlds. Our master code version says “2.1”.

EasyC version ( was released just a few days ago. I would recommend updating your software as well as the Mastercode in both the Cortex and Joystick to V 2.81 and V 2.41 respectively.

Thanks for the info – better here and now than 10 minutes before the first match at Worlds.

There is a corresponding “new” version of RobotC. For the last two weeks we’ve had roboteers working on their code, honing driver code enhanced by sensors, improving autonomous code to get more and more tubes.

I got the upgrade notice about RobotC on Friday.

I’m not happy about being asked to change versions a week before a major contest. I have over 30 years of IT experience, we would never consider changing a key component just before launch.

I wouldn’t really care if RobotC or EasyC were just compilers, but they both have complex base parts that interact with the joysticks and VEX master code. The 3.21 version of RobotC broke some Robots at a February event, rolling back saved their day. It also seems to have broken VEXNET backpack connections.

The question is “Do I want to spend 5 day debugging compiler issues with my code?”

I’m also questioning this update. I am disappointed that after a whole year of competition, VEX decides to roll out this new field control system, which has never been used at an actual tournament. (from my understanding, at least) Now we are “advised” to update ROBOTC, to “ensure compatibility with the VEX Game Fields at Disney”. Personally I don’t really know what to do. Reading this thread, it seems there may be communication problems with the new version. :eek: Definitely not something I want…


The new version of ROBOTC is actually fine. If anything it is more reliable than 2.31, which was pretty unstable. However, I don’t think it was a good idea for vex to send an update out right before worlds, although I did predict this a month ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Say more about how much more stable it is than 2.31, is it back to the stabiliy of 2.30?

It’s probably about as stable as 2.30, but I’ve only had a few days with it at this point. It still has plenty of room for improvement stability wise, though.

Alright… We are using 2.30 right now, and I guess we’ll try updating to 2.32… However we’ll make sure to keep the install file from both just in case…


I’ve had no problems with 2.32 so far. After what happened with 2.31, I made sure to test it extensively before using it on our main cortex.

Wow, haven’t heard of this until now…
Does this apply to easyc v2 for the pic? (with vexnet upgrade)
What if we don’t “upgrade”?
Will the current one still work at worlds?
The robot is all packed, so it’s too late for me to do anything now
Just wanted to know how much is should be worrying…