Latex Tubing

how do you attach the latex tubing to a robot? it there a hole where you put a screw in or something? it’s just hard to picture how to use it without knowing how to mount it…

There are probably several ways, Some that I can think of are to:

  1. Tie it around a beam
  2. Put a knot in the tubing and then bolt the tubing between two pieces of metal. The knot should keep it from slipping out.

3.Cut a hole in it bolt it on
4.clamp it on somehow
5.maybe you can put an axle through it and use it as suspension…?

Wrap it around something, then zip-tie the tip of it back on itself (so it forms a loop). It works GREAT. You can use this in almost any application.

I uploaded an image to better show what I was trying to describe…

Picture speaks 1000 words ! Great photo