Whats the best way to make a launch system really need suggestions :slight_smile:

We started out with prototyping launchers. We replicated 62’s cam launcher and also made a single flywheel.
Then, we played around with launch tests. We used a baseball glove and taped it onto a camera stand :smiley: The cam made the glove on like the 11th and 17th tries (I don’t really remember accurately), while the single flywheel made it every time (I guess there were some vibration/construction issues), so we chose the single flywheel as our launcher.
We attached the launcher onto our robot and it took many hours to actually get everything decent.

So, prototype first. There are a myriad of different launchers out there (catapult, flywheels, “puncher”, hammer, etc.), so it’ll take a while to get the right one. If you go with a flywheel, be prepared to build a bunch of gear boxes. Also, not everything would work perfectly the first time, so be prepared for stress. I suggest putting down the robot and going out and doing something fun when stress has built up :wink:

there is no real answer to thins question. The answer here depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion the best full court shooters will be catapults, however the puncher/hitter variants also work well. these a very consistent because the elastics always work the same strength (assuming you replace them when they start to wear out) so it is more consistent than a flywheel because velocity control will never be perfect.

however fly wheels have the advantage of being able to change speeds, this means you can quickly and easily change the location you want to fire from, this makes flywheels better and flexible/fast roles.

the challenge comes down to this, I think in general the catapult/puncher designs will do better with the pre-loads when compared to the flywheels, however the flywheels will do better after the preloads are spent. the question then becomes, is that enough to overcome the better scores from pre-loads