Launcher problem

I have a double flywheel. There are 4 motors in the flywheel, 2 in the right and 2 in the left. These motor are all high speed.
When ever my driver practices he had to wait for a cool down every 15 sec. But in our last prototype our robot lasted 4 mins nonstop shooting balls. These motor are connected in a y-cable in ports 8 and 9. Should I separate these motor apart? if not then whats the problem? (It is’t friction causing this problem)

Make sure that all of the motors are working (by unplugging all of them and then plugging each one in individually and seeing if the flywheel turns). I have experienced quite a few faulty motor controllers in the last few years. If they are all working and there are no friction problems its either a compression issue or a bent axle.

Also, y cables should not affect anything.

the Y cabels mean each motor receives half of the ports power, if you need to use the Y cables, plug them into a power expander

I didn’t think that y cables affect a motors output at all. Are you sure about this?

I’m pretty sure using y cables will not half the power that the port gives the motor.

I wasn’t sure so I googled it and found this thread in which it is said:

You could split your flywheel into the different circuits on the cortex. Ports 1-5 share one circuit and ports 6-10 share another, and since both sides of your shooter are in one circuit, power is being drained from that single circuit. If you have your wires in different circuits, one side of the flywheel would draw power from one circuit and the other side would draw power from the other circuit.

Is the current robot a complete rebuild of the prototype, or was the prototype launcher finished out into a robot? Was the same microcontroller used for both?

It could be your gear ratio. What is your gear ratio and how much compression does it have?