LCD Battery Voltage Correct?

Ok, so our battery’s say 7.2V on them. We have our LCD showing our voltage for our battery, and it says 7.56. Is this normal to be above charge? We are using the correct chargers.

Let me know if this is normal, and what a fully charged battery should read on the LCD.

I am pretty sure that the VEX batteries always overcharge. We only use standard VEX Smart chargers and batteries, but we usually go into a competition match with generally no less than 7.8V

Oh, ok good :slight_smile:

Side question, when you start the LCD up, it says StartUp or something like that. Where do I go to change that text to a custom text?

I assume you are using robotC:
You have to edit the Vex Competition Includes file, by doing a save as into your project folder under a different name, and then including that file instead of the original competition includes file. You then change the line at the start of the main() function from displayNextLCDString(“Startup”); to displayNextLCDString(“Your text here”);

Yes all batteries are over the rated voltage when they charge and for a while after. The rated voltage is the average voltage where the batter levels off. look at this voltage graph.

The batteries are not overcharged. Most all batteries do this. For example, a standard automotive battery is 12 Volts, but a full charge is somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 - 13.5 Volts. If your 7.2V battery gets somewhere close to 8V or above then you should be worried.

Alrighty, thanks all. Just wanted to make sure :wink: