LCD Battery Voltage Programming?

I am planning on adding a second LCD to constantly just display battery voltage of the main battery and power expander. I am using EasyC. Can anybody help? Are there any good tutorial videos on youtube? Thx in advance.

To display battery power, first make a variable called “battery”. Variable type will be “int”, and value is 0. Then, you drag over a get main battery block, and set it to the “battery” variable. Then, you drag a start LCD block over, setting it for whatever UART port you want. Then, drag over a display LCD text block, and set it to say “Battery=”. Set the variable as the “battery” variable that you made earlier. This should display the value of the main battery on your LCD screen. Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to display the value of the power expander.

Do u do all of this is in a user function and put it in operator or initialize?

You can put it in operator control or initialize if you want it to display during either of those, or you could put it in a user function. Either will work