LCD cable to joystick

I would like to use the LCDs at the joystick so I can see sensor values or program variable values while driving the robot. The data must be at the joystick as I can plug in a laptop and see it on scree. The Joystick seems to have mounting screw holes on the back.

Thanks for the idea – this is definitely something we’ve thought about doing (hence the mounting screws on the top of the Joystick) and it is on the list for potential future products.


i like this even more than the joystick with the lcd built in.

Wait, what? Where can I buy one of these? And are they VEX legal?

awesome idea ! …

I think MetabolicCloth’s post is lacking the word “idea.” Neither product exists, but this idea is a bit better than the idea of building one in.

I love this idea as well. it would make debugging and finding encoder values much easier. As well as monitoring autonomous state or driving mode.

yes sorry for the confusion.

Is there a CAD for a joystick anywhere? If I have some extra time this weekend I may try and make a model of this idea.

If you would like realtime data feedback from your robot I highly suggest using the Vex LCD and mounting it in an easily visible place.

the only issue with that is seeing it from afar. this year i had 2 lcds mounted to the back clearly visible but when its on the field moving around its not easy to see whats on it. if you wanted feedback thats easily visible id suggest using leds. the reason this cable would be handy is you could mount a display to your controller and send real time feedback to the driver and opperator

Why not have an ap that conexts to the cortexs using the charging cablem itself

Currently, RobotC allows you to view sensor values through the debug window in the IDE.

This is a four year old thread everyone, probably not a good idea to bring it back.