LCD Code Chooser in Competitions

Hello all, I’m somewhat new to the forums, so if I post this in the wrong place, please let me know so I can move it or post it somewhere else.

I had gotten an idea with a code chooser for two different autonomous sequences for Starstruck. I knew I had to use an LCD for choosing the code. However, I was completely baffled as of where to program the LCD in the competition template. I figured I should use the Pre-Auton and programmed the sequence in there. However, when I switched to user control, the bot would not start. When I removed the LCD code, the bot worked. I didn’t really question it since we were close to a competition. Since then, our team has made a new design for the robot and I’ve forgotten about the LCD until now. However, I was thinking about bringing the LCD back. But I’m still not sure about programming it. Do any of you guys have some tips?

I’m sorry, but my program file is long gone. I may be able to recreate it sometime soon.

Maybe have a look at these:

Thank you very much! I was stressing about the LCD when I realized I have the forums to help.