LCD display and sensors

Me and my team are freshman, relatively new to vex edr. We recently had a competition in which we had 5 different code files that we downloaded to the bot before the match, depending on what was most compatible with the other team’s autonomous. Does anyone know any good tutorials for using the lcd display? This would save a lot of time in a tournament that we could otherwise use to strategize with our teammates or scout out teams to choose in the finals. Also, our autonomous got us disqualified from one match when it hit our partner and then drove to the other side of the field (we crossed the midfield line) instead of low parking. We could have fixed this by using sensors, but we don’t know how to use them in edr. Any tips or tricks?

Yes, using the LCD screen could save you from having to reload your code before each match. That is one way - but not the only way to do it. You could use a potentiometer or jumpers. There have been a lot of posts here on the forum discussing all of these options and more. I’d recommend just doing some searches. You’ll come up with a wealth of information.

The code our girls used for their LCD is at:
Renegade Robotics - Our Favorite LCD Menu

It works well and is easy to understand.

As far as crossing the centerline, our girls had trouble getting their encoders working, so they reverted to time based driving and they had the same issue. It worked on the practice field, but due to the inconsistencies in timing with different batteries, we crossed too. I feel your pain. They are working on that right now. Hopefully these get fixed prior to the competition next week. If you use the shaft encoders to monitor your driving distance, you can take care of that problem pretty easily.